Monday, August 15, 2011


No, this is a brand new project!

"Toadaly tired?"

No, just resting.

We've been exploring nature as part of a scouting requirement. Many bug bites later, I am happy to be inside again and casting on for a) a new pair of socks: the Sailor's Delight from 2-at-a-time Socks  and b) the Holden Shawlette. No photos but simply some travel knitting for the upcoming Parental Migration.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One tiny thing . . .

Hey you!

Yes, you! What are you doing over there?

Just modeling the latest Cabled Chemo Cap!

It's been a busy summer - lots of little things means very little finished knitting. And definitely nothing for the State Fair! :(

But, I have picked up my crochet hook again - and yet another book to see if I can teach myself!

Also, this amazing little green gadget. Above, it's closed.

Here, it's open. It's an Ottlite Mini Flip! I got mine in green but there will be a pink one as a door prize at the next (August 16, 2011) Minnesota Knitters' Guild! Be there or squint . . . 

On the Saturday Seven front - things have been pretty slim pickings. Until Mr. Daisy cleaned out his closet. You just have to love a man who neatly packs up all his old dress shirts to give away!

On the non-knitting front, I've been listening to lots of "Harry Potter" audio books, sewing skirts for my daughters and getting Youngest Daughter ready to go off to college. 

I've enjoyed having them all home from college but it is definitely time for them to find their entertainment elsewhere. I just spent a raucous lunch hour with them, trying to explain the plot line of "Baby Island," This book by Carol Ryrie Brink was one of their absolute favorites when they were little but they didn't remember it at all. 

When I got to the part about milking the goats, Youngest Daughter said, "You milk my goats, I eat your baby!" Not the audience the author was looking for!

I'll be AWOL from blogging later this month when we start the Traditional Parental Migration. We are road tripping from Minnesota to Pennsylvania, visiting relatives and dropping one daughter's college gear off then taking off for Maryland for Youngest Daughter's move-in day. Then back to Pennsylvania where we bid adieu to Middle Daughter.

Then back to  Minnesota where we will welcome the Fabulous Miss H. (a longtime family friend) who is coming to Macalester College for her Freshman year. Then, our own Oldest Daughter starts her senior year (and we move her into her new dorm!) and then, finally, Youngest Child starts third grade. Whew! 

I sense a run on Vodka Tonics starting about September 6th!