Sunday, March 22, 2015

Introducing Boy X

Youngest Child has been a knitting model for a long time. Well, he recently turned twelve and I thought it was time to give him his own Knitting Superhero name. 
Today is the unveiling of Boy X*.

Boy X in Wee Balaclava
For some reason, I don't have a picture of him wearing his own adorable first baby sweater - an Elizabeth Zimmerman February Baby sweater and leggings - but he was my first child born since I was began knitting. The others all had babyhoods without - sob - hand knit items.

Gull Wing Lace sweater and leggings - aka February Baby Sweater

Sometimes he wore items knitted for other people's children.

Boy X modeling a gift sweater for Fabulous Baby Boy Melicious B.
Sometimes, he modeled his choice of knit wear.

The unbearable yet cute Hans Lopi Sweater

Even the itchy sweater his mother knit for him.

He's worn lots of hats over the years - some for him and some for other people. Boy X is truly a good sport.

My one and only crocheted hat.

Hello Mr. Potter!

A hot day for a wool hat.

Slouchy hat #1
Slouchy Hat #2
An elfen Quarters Cap - after he learned about Bad Elves

Sometimes, he even modeled creations that weren't quite  human.

So, why the knitting lovefest? Several years ago, Boy X asked for a sweater - a purple sweater. Well, I think it's time to create one for him. Unfortunately, the one I thought I'd make for him, Caherciveen
by Carol Feller in Contemporary Irish Knits (I own a copy and love it!), only goes up to size 10 and Boy X is now a size 14.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be exploring ways to turn this great vest pattern into something suitable for Boy X. And with purple.

Thanks again, Boy X, for learning to love knit wear!

*Boy-X is also fabulous song by the Korean band Nell. Check out a video for it here.