Friday, February 14, 2014

Slipping and sliding

Well, the Ravellenic Games are upon us once again and I'm hanging out with some WIPs again.

My Year Long Hexi Project (aka as The Gathering of the Puffs or Pre-Beekeeper's Quilt) fit quite nicely into the Modular Event - all composed of long-term, small bites of a bigger project that wouldn't be completed for a long while - so up I signed.  And all I need to do with them when I finish is dump the bowl into my Hexi Basket. No fitting, no blocking, no nothing. 

I'm also currently working on a super-secret gift (The Socialite) shawl project - and that fit into Wips Dancing as well. 

And, these socks? Or what would be socks if I'd ever photographed them. (Simple Ribbed Socks for a small boy) Wips Dancing as well.

Let the Games Begin (er, Continue!)

Of course,  I'm still flirting with other Non-Ravellenic works in progress as well.

My hat swatch for my EZ Saddle Shoulder Aran is done and I'm just past the ribbing on the sweater itself.

I also swatched it in some Brunswick SheepsWool that I got at Schoolhouse Press' Knitting Camp last year.

And I pulled out this Imperial Yarn Tracie Too Sport to fondle and think over. This is the lovely yarn used in those unfortunate U.S. olympic sweaters by Ralph Lauren. Love the yarn. Hate the sweaters.

And I was also a winner! I won this lovely worsted weight Malabrigo yarn and gorgeous Czech beads from the SavvyGirls Podcast's Swapetition. I'm thinking - beaded mittens?

And, on the blogging side, I thought I'd try out a new thing:

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