Friday, November 29, 2013

A package arrived today . . .

I am a big procrastinator. In fact, during college when I first began dating my then-boyfriend/now-husband, one of my professors called us the procrastinator couple.

I can't help it - I just work better on a deadline.

Several deadlines? No probs.

So, this month, I'm already doing NaNoWriMo (over 50,000 words right now but not finished) and participating in a SavvyGirls Podcast Swapetition. The theme was "Winter is coming" and I had a lot of fun planning my package. Then, I decided to knit something for my swap partner. And bake something. And it was all due by November 30.  

A friend asked me to run in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving with her as well, so - 

Me and Miss Steph, the most cheerful running companion ever. Also, very fast!
that meant making time to train. Toss in some random charity and family Christmas knitting and I'm existing on coffee fumes. 

Today, after I returned from mailing my own swap package, I found a sweet surprise waiting for me.

My own swap partner, PJ from New Hampshire, had sent me a lovely gift.

Everyone lurking to see the big reveal . . .

First off, a card with a scene from Nashua, New Hampshire

All the goods -  my favorite Rowan yarn, candy, tea and fabric and a hand knitted Washington Square hat.

Youngest Daughter thought she'd be the best model for it.

I had to tuck my hair up - maybe it's a sign I should get my hair cut?

I can't wait to tell you what I sent as well. All in all, a very successful Swapetition!

As Tuesday was my birthday, I have a little more yarn to show you.

Dear Mr. Daisy bought me this lovely Cephalapod Yarns Bugga sock weight yarn from Knitty City in New York City. Great choice! I am going to be knitting the Advent Scarf from Lila & Claudine's this year and this will be the perfect yarn.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sew, sew, write, write, write, KNIT, write, write

Whoever thought of having NaNoWriMo in November was seriously disturbed.

First, Halloween always demands a costume - or two.

Youngest Child asked for a Newsies costume. Basically, they don't make vests for little boys anymore. So, I bought a woman's vest from a thrift store and then dyed it gray. Then, I found out what a paper boy's bag looked like and sewed one. Then, I stenciled it with the name of the newspaper that the news boys were striking against back in 1899. 

Luckily, he already had the hat!

Then, it was time to set up our little version of Godric's Hollow. Since we made all our tombstones before the movie version came out,  I think we might need to update them next year!

And, then it was time to finish up another pair of mittens for the Children's Comfort Tote Project. As I didn't have a camera handy, I had to use my computer's camera to take this terrible photo of a soft, soft pair of mittens.

And, now, I'm all tied up with NaNoWriMo 2013. Yep, third year of crazy non-stop writing.  Time to say good bye for about - three more weeks. 

By then, I'll also have a mystery project knitted for a knitting gift exchange and, possibly some more of my Benedetta sweater. Crazy, of course.