Friday, April 29, 2011

The Really Big Show . . .

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It may be the Royal Wedding for the rest of the world but for us . . .

it was the girls' first big road trip down to Saint Louis for the Midwest World Kuk Sool Won tournament.
 And for me - it's the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's Yarnover on Saturday.

Last year, I learned to take fiber photos from Franklin Habit.

This year, I'm taking a class from the Techknitter. Buttonhole Fears, be gone! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter means

family, pie and . . . Farkel. 

Of course, for Christians, Easter is also the high point of the liturgical year. No pictures of that but you might be interested in this site where many people are sharing their Easter stories.

After the pie, we spent a little time looking for an "holiday" movie. You know, they used to show some sort of "big" movie like The Sound of Music or The Greatest Story Ever Told on Easter night. Not anymore, apparently. We had to make do with a great documentary on Netflix about Robert E. Lee.

I've been inching along on my Turn of the Glass cardigan.

Since we are mostly just lounging about this weekend, this week's Saturday Seven were some "free" toys my son has collected over the winter. They went to a rummage sale in the neighborhood.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring, sprang, sprung . . .

Everyone's talking about spring. Mostly about where it went!

Yesterday, I picked up Youngest Daughter's bike from my neighborhood bike shop, Omnium Bike Shop. We'd refurbished an old bike for her; a beaut we'd bought back in Pennsylvania.

This is that fence today. I was really hoping for a spin to break in Youngest Daughter's new ride!

On the knitting front,  I've been working bit by bit on the Turn of the Glass pattern.

I thought this little guy might give my knitting some perspective.

I'm willing to have a knitting intern if he can keep my gauge.

Don't worry - I do wash them before I give them away!

This last Saturday Seven was simply a matter of cleaning up - a fleece blanket, jeans, pants,  3 shirts and a wool skirt. I have a new policy in place - if something has been lying on the floor for weeks, out it goes. So far, nobody has batted an eyelash over this . . . grrr.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three midweek peaks to interrupt your knitting . . .

I finally pinned out that Rosemary's Little Sweater - it's ready for gift giving. Fun and easy - I'd recommend this pattern.

My Artisan Vest turned out a little wide but it is very warm and comfortable. The buttons are an antiqued brass color.

My Saturday Seven was a motley crew. Some SAT prep books, socks, tee shirts and a tablecloth. 

Back to your regularly scheduled programming . . .

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Yarn Quest 2011 - now turning into Yawn Quest . . .

Today was a long, long day. I loved this shop hop even though I had to spread it out over several days due to family and church events. However, I am exhausted.

Not covered in yarn, however.  I really kept the purchasing to a minimum. A copy of "Tea Leaves Cardigan" (from the Yarnery) , some lotion and some delicious smelling soap (from Shepherd's Choice)

and one skein of yarn.

This is All For Love of Yarn's special Yarnery colorway and it is just lovely. You might remember that I bought some of her yarn before for my Citron Shawl.

The best thing of the whole shop hop is coming home with six new free patterns and a chance at the big door prizes . . . I have my fingers crossed!

Tomorrow is another long day - we are driving down to Iowa to visit Cornell College. Tonight there is a tornado warning in Iowa so wish us good weather!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Hold still!

Blocked sweaters rarely make history. Unblocked sweaters get carried around the house and photographed - a lot.

Finally, I used a few coasters to hold down the edges and forced a decent photo of my Rosemary's Little Sweater - a size two baby sweater. Since I didn't have a two year old sized baby nearby to model -  I used a bookcase.

I wanted the cabled shoulders to show - very simple but pretty.

And I wanted the rolled neck and cuffs to show as well. 

Now, time to pin down the little wild thing and steam the heck out of it!

Saturday's Seven was just a little something from a drawer - seven collectable pins that I really don't need. 

The square ones are actually button covers from a blouse I had ages ago. I'm sure they'll fit right in on the jewelry table at the rummage sale.