Saturday, April 09, 2011

Yarn Quest 2011 - now turning into Yawn Quest . . .

Today was a long, long day. I loved this shop hop even though I had to spread it out over several days due to family and church events. However, I am exhausted.

Not covered in yarn, however.  I really kept the purchasing to a minimum. A copy of "Tea Leaves Cardigan" (from the Yarnery) , some lotion and some delicious smelling soap (from Shepherd's Choice)

and one skein of yarn.

This is All For Love of Yarn's special Yarnery colorway and it is just lovely. You might remember that I bought some of her yarn before for my Citron Shawl.

The best thing of the whole shop hop is coming home with six new free patterns and a chance at the big door prizes . . . I have my fingers crossed!

Tomorrow is another long day - we are driving down to Iowa to visit Cornell College. Tonight there is a tornado warning in Iowa so wish us good weather!

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Guinifer said...

The yarn is gorgeous! You obviously went for quality over quantity. Good luck on the prize!