Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Repeat projects - bring them on!

Sometimes, it takes more than one try to get a project completed.

I'm currently in a knitting swap. Actually, late for a knitting swap! I started this hat before Christmas on a ski trip. Ski, ski - no knitting.

Following the trip, my family came down with the flu - 1, 2, 3. So, not much knitting then. Then, some happier pre-Christmas evenings with drinks and knitting. 

The end result was a very short hat (not pictured!)

So I knit it again with worsted weight yarn.

Not too bad in this photo - but the original was still too short. Well, guess what? I'd missed one 16 row repeat on both hats!

So I tripped both hats back and re-knit them both. Then, I looked at the pattern photo. Hmm - still not right . . . 


What I had been reading as three purl repeats turned out to be a three stitch Cluster Stitch. (I'd  make a rude joke here but my mom might read it!)

So, if the knitting doesn't work out, try, try, try again. This swap package is going out on Tuesday with three variations on the same hat and my apologies.

My quarterly visit from Outer Space!

Okay, that's a lie. I originally started this post back in October 2016 but since then, due to some cloud setting issues and a lack of being able to import photos onto my laptop, I put this off. 

Today, I actually logged in to write a good-bye post but I started reading some long-ago posts and I began to change my mind. 

After all, this blog is largely for me and my knitting. Sometimes, a few online friends stop by (and sometimes those robotic pigs try to burst in as well!) but it's really just for me. 

So, today I searched for a better solution and found an app that allows me to blog from my phone (where all my photos are!) 

And it so happens, that I have a few pictures of my recent knitting to be able to share which means -  

I'm back!

Southern Comfort Ravellenic Cowl

I'm a big fan of designer Thea Coleman over at Her cable designs are all lovely and she is one fun lady. I made this cowl in the summer for the Ravellenic 2016 Games.

Now, having made one last baby step on my laptop - I'm moving over to my phone. Wish me luck!