Sunday, January 15, 2017

My quarterly visit from Outer Space!

Okay, that's a lie. I originally started this post back in October 2016 but since then, due to some cloud setting issues and a lack of being able to import photos onto my laptop, I put this off. 

Today, I actually logged in to write a good-bye post but I started reading some long-ago posts and I began to change my mind. 

After all, this blog is largely for me and my knitting. Sometimes, a few online friends stop by (and sometimes those robotic pigs try to burst in as well!) but it's really just for me. 

So, today I searched for a better solution and found an app that allows me to blog from my phone (where all my photos are!) 

And it so happens, that I have a few pictures of my recent knitting to be able to share which means -  

I'm back!

Southern Comfort Ravellenic Cowl

I'm a big fan of designer Thea Coleman over at Her cable designs are all lovely and she is one fun lady. I made this cowl in the summer for the Ravellenic 2016 Games.

Now, having made one last baby step on my laptop - I'm moving over to my phone. Wish me luck!

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