Monday, March 26, 2012


If only I wasn't home sick from school - then I wouldn't have to model this hat for my mom . . .

Just a quick little hat - the Montera Slouchy Hat pattern that comes free from Classic Elite Yarns. I used some hand spun yarn made from fiber ('Rick's Red') that I bought at Athena Fibers this summer. I spun it up last fall.  It was fun and easy - but I think it's a little too slouchy so I'll make the amended pattern next time!

Back to blue sweater purgatory . . .

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The thinker

Unfortunately, I didn't finish up this in February (as in Miss Kalendar's Finishuary!) but a evening at home, watching "Life with Father" and turning the collar did the trick. 

I pulled Youngest Child over and made him try on his Hans Sweater over his pjs.

The Smiler

He already said he thought it was itchy. That's my verdict as well - I'll just have to get him some turtlenecks for underneath it.

Next week, I'll finally have time to weave in all the ends and take out the row markers. Then, back to the Brown Sweater and Oldest Daughter's Blue Sweater

If they don't seem familiar, it's because I'm only referring to items by their dominant colors nowadays. That makes it less likely for someone to exclaim, "Didn't you start that project in 2005?"