Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spinning my wheel (s)

After listening to a few bad episodes of The Knitmore Girls podcast that mentioned cleaning your spinning wheel, I threw caution to the winds and cleaned (with Murphy's Oil Soap) and waxed my Lendrum.

I've been spinning about an hour a day since then. I'm still working on "The Endless Fleece" - my first grey Shetland fleece - but I'm hoping to finally finish it up this fall. The plied yarn is a lofty soft grey - I think I'm going to measure it all out and see if there is enough for a sweater.

I'm also still working on those "two at a time" sleeves. Sigh. That's all you can say.

Outside the fiber world, I was inspired by the Vikings/Packers game on Sunday to  make a chicken pot pie for dinner. Despite the final score - the pie was delicious!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Banners at work

Halloween banners are totally workplace appropriate!

Or so Oldest Daughter told me. She took my latest into work to brighten up the help desk! I don't know who these two dudes are but they don't look impressed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shawls vs Sweaters

Partner in Crime, GFMelissa tempted me to come out scootering with her this past week. She looked much better (color cordinated!) so I used her picture instead. We puttered over to a local coffee shop and had a little knitting consult. 

You see, we had a little agreement this summer - she would knit a lace shawl and I would knit a Lopi sweater. Well, the shoe has fallen. She's started her lace shawl (the Skywalker shawl) and I am now doomed to start the Hans Lopi sweater.

I love the Lopi designs but - I'm not sure about the yarn. Let me confess, I actually bought the yarn for this sweater years ago. 

I actually dug out the box of Lopi yarn that I bought (from Webs) and I believe that it says "2007" on the label.

I only bought enough of the main yarn for a size 6 and Youngest Child now wears an 8 so I'm going to buy some two more skeins for the sleeves.

So, it's time to break out the size 6 needles and the dustbuster - Lopi yarn sheds like a son of a gun! - and get knitting.

I did finally finish up the Holden Shawlette.  I just needed to wake up and knit. The picot edging was particularly snooze inducing.

I like the floppy look of the edging but I didn't like the time it took to knit.

Besides knitting here and there during the last month, I've been sewing again. 

Holiday banners 

and gift bags.

I found this cute fabric on Spoonflower.com. Middle Daughter has a thing for elephants so I may be making something for her next package.

I've still been collecting Saturday Seven's - this week is tee shirts and sweat shirts. 

Now, on to the next set of projects!