Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spinning my wheel (s)

After listening to a few bad episodes of The Knitmore Girls podcast that mentioned cleaning your spinning wheel, I threw caution to the winds and cleaned (with Murphy's Oil Soap) and waxed my Lendrum.

I've been spinning about an hour a day since then. I'm still working on "The Endless Fleece" - my first grey Shetland fleece - but I'm hoping to finally finish it up this fall. The plied yarn is a lofty soft grey - I think I'm going to measure it all out and see if there is enough for a sweater.

I'm also still working on those "two at a time" sleeves. Sigh. That's all you can say.

Outside the fiber world, I was inspired by the Vikings/Packers game on Sunday to  make a chicken pot pie for dinner. Despite the final score - the pie was delicious!

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