Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring, sprang, sprung . . .

Everyone's talking about spring. Mostly about where it went!

Yesterday, I picked up Youngest Daughter's bike from my neighborhood bike shop, Omnium Bike Shop. We'd refurbished an old bike for her; a beaut we'd bought back in Pennsylvania.

This is that fence today. I was really hoping for a spin to break in Youngest Daughter's new ride!

On the knitting front,  I've been working bit by bit on the Turn of the Glass pattern.

I thought this little guy might give my knitting some perspective.

I'm willing to have a knitting intern if he can keep my gauge.

Don't worry - I do wash them before I give them away!

This last Saturday Seven was simply a matter of cleaning up - a fleece blanket, jeans, pants,  3 shirts and a wool skirt. I have a new policy in place - if something has been lying on the floor for weeks, out it goes. So far, nobody has batted an eyelash over this . . . grrr.

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