Monday, April 04, 2011

Hold still!

Blocked sweaters rarely make history. Unblocked sweaters get carried around the house and photographed - a lot.

Finally, I used a few coasters to hold down the edges and forced a decent photo of my Rosemary's Little Sweater - a size two baby sweater. Since I didn't have a two year old sized baby nearby to model -  I used a bookcase.

I wanted the cabled shoulders to show - very simple but pretty.

And I wanted the rolled neck and cuffs to show as well. 

Now, time to pin down the little wild thing and steam the heck out of it!

Saturday's Seven was just a little something from a drawer - seven collectable pins that I really don't need. 

The square ones are actually button covers from a blouse I had ages ago. I'm sure they'll fit right in on the jewelry table at the rummage sale.

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