Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter means

family, pie and . . . Farkel. 

Of course, for Christians, Easter is also the high point of the liturgical year. No pictures of that but you might be interested in this site where many people are sharing their Easter stories.

After the pie, we spent a little time looking for an "holiday" movie. You know, they used to show some sort of "big" movie like The Sound of Music or The Greatest Story Ever Told on Easter night. Not anymore, apparently. We had to make do with a great documentary on Netflix about Robert E. Lee.

I've been inching along on my Turn of the Glass cardigan.

Since we are mostly just lounging about this weekend, this week's Saturday Seven were some "free" toys my son has collected over the winter. They went to a rummage sale in the neighborhood.

Happy Easter!

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