Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two bears, one shawl and 1119 miles

Hello earthling

It's "back to school" time of year and that means the annual drive to Annapolis, MD to drop Youngest Daughter off at school. 
I pulled out a bag of leftover Lion Brand Wool Ease and set to work. 1037 miles later - I had two little bears.

Oliver - Mother Bear Project Bear #1.

Clara - Mother Bear Project Bear #2.


Boy, were these addictive! And I was pleasantly surprised how easy the pattern went. I adapted the pattern from "Knitting for Peace" into an in-the-round version and then went a step further and made it a la Magic Loop.

After I finished two, I pulled out my Botany Shawl and went to town on that as well. I have about two more rows to go before binding off, blocking and  - photos! I guess there is something to traveling long, long distances in search of an education!

Along the way, we stopped off to tour the Gettysburg Battlefield. Very interesting - but also very sobering as well.

Monument to the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And - it's done

Once again, poor photos fail to show the cuteness of a finished item.

I ended up using a light blue sewn on edging and a deeper blue backing.

Both were batik fabrics - I think they make a nice, allover pattern with the long arm quilting in white.

What I'll do with it - I'm not so sure. Gift? My own use? Giant tablecloth or wall hanging? 

Hmm. Now - back to knitting!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Happy Quilt Day!

I finally finished and sent off to be quilted my Craftsy Block of the Month quilt - for 2012. All that is left is putting on my edging. 

This view of the yard makes my husband cry.

The backing is bright blue and the edging will be lighter blue.

Onward - to knitting!