Friday, December 09, 2005

Running and knitting - complementary?

I have to apologize for the delay in posting but reality was intruding on my lazy knitting plans. Last Saturday, my Oldest Daughter and I ran with our running club in the Minneapolis Lifetime Fitness Reindeer Run. It was about 13 degrees F. and snowy. Because of a little stopwatch operator error (mine!) I don't have an personal time (the race was a "Fun Run" - no official times) but it felt really good. It was also a hoot to people watch! Holiday costumes were encouraged and we ran as penguins but the best ones were dressed as "Mary and Joseph" - complete with pregnant belly and cardboard donkey. If we can just keep on running until February - our next race is at Valentine's Day. Generally, I find running to be a nice complement to knitting. After all that work, it is a pleasure to just sit down, put my feet up and knit along.

I'm the attractive semi-penguin on the far right of the second row. Wowza! Go Team Salubrious!

As for my knitting - I'm falling behind. The blue sweater is already boring me - just circular double moss stitch. And if I don't watch it, the purling throws off my gauge. I did finish the cute little striped cap. I put an I-Cord tassel on it but I still need to weave in the ends.

I think I might take up Oldest Daughter's socks again. They are a cable patterned sock I found on the Internet. The official title is the "Knitlist Get-together Cable Sock Pattern" by Anita Sixta. I've been finding my inner Cabler lately - I just bought some cool wooden cable needles from The Woolery - and I think I need a challenge break.

Now if I could only find a dress for Saturday - my friend Stephanie is getting married and I need a dress. Generally, I am a turtleneck and jeans kind of girl but it is a special occasion!

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