Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday again?

 Tuesday evening was the Minnesota Knitters' Guild presentation on Norwegian knitting. We were lucky enough to get Sue Flanders, one of the authors of Norwegian Handknits: Heirloom Designs from Vesterheim Museum along with Janine Kosel.  She gave a great talk and power point show about how they wrote the book and the designs. When we originally set up the program, we didn't know if we could get the authors so we decided to bring along something made from one of their patterns and steek it.

Since I didn't have time to knit up one of their great sweater designs, I took the sleeve design from the book's kids Voss Sweater and turned it into a neck warmer design. Luckily, our author's program was excellent so I didn't need to break into a steeking song and dance. I finished the neck warmer this week anyway. I steeked it and picked up and knit a garter stitch border with buttonholes.

Today I picked up three buttons and - ta da! - I have a neck warmer.

I also started knitting a pair of Bella Mittens for Middle Daughter. I'll probably finish them before I get the chance to see "New Moon" - all those teen girls can go before me!

In honor of those mittens, take a peek at this Friday Film: This is a talented set of teens!

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