Saturday, December 18, 2010

Still here after all these years!

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know I had a blogaversary back in November. Six years ago, in November of 2005, I started this blog to talk about knitting:

What's on the needles, what I wish I was working on and what I've learned in the process. Probably that there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I want - and still get a nap.

Well, that's still what's keeping me around the Internet. Still knitting, still swimming, still spinning, still reading and, now, still weaving. And still wishing for a nap.

I've had fun meeting some of you readers out there and still more fun following some of you on Twitter. 
Thanks for all the kind words and great suggestions over the years.

This week, I've been delving into the world of fruitcake - using the Fabulous Beekman Boys' recipe - and fulfilling a last minute request for a Christmas stocking.

Fruitcake photo from
Their Generous Fruitcake recipe is full of the fruit and nuts you might like - no oddly colored cherries! - and is very easy. My edition made one large fruitcake and eight small loaves. All are currently wrapped in rum-soaked cheesecloth and mulling away in the refrigerator. All except for the one loaf Mr. Daisy and I ate on Friday! Very good but it could use a little sweet something -  icing perhaps? - to cut the rum. I'll let you know what I decide to do.

Merry Christmas Mr. Daisy!
Although this is not our traditional stocking placement . . .

Mr. Daisy reminded me that he never had a "real" Christmas stocking so I made him one! 

I used the free Cascade Christmas Stocking pattern and the odds and ends of either Cascade 220 or Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted  from my stash. It did take a bit of time - I took it here and there to work on - but it turned out very nicely and I would rate it as easy to medium.

 I may even decide to make another one - but after Christmas!

I did have time to round up a Saturday Seven. 

It was finally time to pull out all my winter skirts and try them on. Three of today's Saturday Seven were hand me downs from my mother in law from several years ago and it was time to let them go. One teeshirt from behind Youngest Daughter's bed, a set of note card dividers, a turtleneck and a bottle of floor cleaner. Goodbye, clutter!

I was roaming the interweb the other day and ran across this video over at Eating Out in Tokyo with Jon. Although I love holiday music and switch to the Christmas radio stations as soon as they show up on the dial, I've heard this holiday song from Slade. Enjoy!

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Cat said...

That is a beautiful stocking - well done! Also, the fruitcake looks and sounds delish. Yum!