Monday, September 12, 2011

Not quite out from under the bed but . . .

close enough. Three girls go off to college and I get to clean up. And that means clean out! This collection - books, pants and sheets.

More pants (these are little boy's pants, though) clipboards, pencil cases and shoes.

More jeans and sheets.

Pants, shorts, sweaters and tee shirts.

An afghan, tee shirts, a book, a pair of kid's sunglasses and a camping table.

Socks, sewing patterns, sports bras and swimming goggles.

This little box full of . . .

toddler toys and animals. Just consider this as seven weeks of Saturday Sevens all at one time.

And back on the knitting front - still crawling along on the Holden Shawlette. One small feature I didn't quite pick up on - the lace pattern doesn't start until you work your way up to 193 stitches. Me? I'm at about 120. Ho, hum until then.

This was originally going to be a travel project and right now, I'm thinking I'd better get working on the Turn of the Glass cardigan. Next week's chilly weather speaks "cardigan" to me! The Holden can wait.

Especially as I've recently received a request. A knitting request for a Dr. Watson Sweater. This pattern for a variation on this sweater. Oh, my, it's going to be a busy autumn!

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