Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year's pies were coconut cream and cherry. Both were delicious.

It made up for having to go out tomorrow to shop.

Yes, I have to exchange yarn at Lila & Claudine's Yarn and Gifts because a daughter someone has decided to start knitting a gift for a person that I was going to make a gift for out of lovely yarn.

So, it's off to exchange it for another color so that I can make this cute pattern for someone else. 
Fun times, out on the roads on Black Friday.

On my needles, I've been doing a bit more knitting on the Turn of the Glass cardigan.

I still love the seed stitch edging!

I've just been fiddling around with this sweater since last spring and I'm really looking forward to being done

Hope your weekend is peaceful and full of delicious things!

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