Monday, September 17, 2012

I will never make fun of those pictures again

Oh, I'll never make fun of those photos again. You know, those photos! The self taken, vanity shots of projects. You know - someone wearing their knitted items with great pride - but with horrible, horrible photographs.

Because, I took that photo today.

Darn - I just couldn't get the photo I wanted! Everyone that showed the detail got blurry or made my hair look even worse. Hmm.

Not a good idea!

Madge is a fun little overnight project - just something to knit while I watched Warehouse 13 reruns. 
I used up some leftover Rick's Red handspun but I'm still not crazy about the pill-box  hat shape. I may re-knit it or just donate it to a craft sale at my church. We'll see . . .

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Cat Fithian said...

My my my, you've certainly been knitting up a storm. And you got to go to camp! How exciting! I'm finally catching up on your blog. I've been on a knitting break for a while. Don't know quite why, but haven't felt much like knitting for a few weeks. Meeting up with my knit posse tomorrow, though, so I'll get a few hours in, at least.