Sunday, March 03, 2013

After the fact

Well, I finally finished up Oldest Daughter's Final Blue Fantasy Sweater.

Yes, it's still hanging out in my sewing room waiting to be steamed but - all done!

I particularly liked the collar  - maybe there will be one for me in the future?

In the meantime, I've been working on two take along projects - 

The Splash of Color cowl in Liberty Wool - absolutely simple circular knitting that lets the yarn do all the work.

Also, another shawlette. The Fledermaus-Tauch shawl. I saw that Prairie Piper from the Knitting Pipeline podcast did this a few years ago (yes, I'm listening to the back catalog right now!)

Of course, I'm still chugging along on the Breezy Cardigan but it is simply back and forth in stockinette stitch right now so it's not terribly exciting. 

What is exciting is deciding what sweater to do next - I'm ripping apart my stash trying to organize it into sweater lots of yarn and what sweater patterns they match with.

One big mess!

Some deep, dark stash that needs organizing.

Hmm. I'm thinking an Acer cardigan. Perhaps in some Inca Alpaca I got years ago . . . I'll know better once the stash is aired!

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Anonymous said...

I've got most of my stash out in the middle of the office floor while I try to photograph the whole thing for Ravelry. So yes, that mess looks pretty familiar!