Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just say, "I forgot."

If you are of a certain age - old enough to remember sitting around listening to comedy albums - this classic line from Steve Martin fit my week perfectly. 

In 2009, the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's service project was collecting squares for afghans for charitable groups. We spent a year collecting squares and then had a gala meeting in January 2010 where we sewed up afghans. As a MKG officer, I stayed late sewing up and even took one home for sewing up before the next meeting.

This week, after moving and bagging the stash behind my chair due to an infestation of moths (ugh!), I found the pieces to this afghan and sewed it up.

I am not even sure if I know who was collecting the afghans but I promise to get it back to them. Three years later. And about those moths? They only touched one skein of yarn - because they were busy eating my expensive wool rug. It is currently being repaired and moth proofed. Sigh.

Just in time for a silent auction at my church, the Liberty Cowl. Simple to knit and the yarn does all the work.

 Leaving my plenty of time for my gray Breezy cardigan - I'm finishing up the ribbing! - and my Acer cardigan - cables are in existence! - and enjoying this FABULOUS MINNESOTA SPRING WEATHER!!

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Anonymous said...

It was quite clever of you to use that wool rug as a decoy to protect your stash. ;)