Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mittens are the best treat for Mitten Day

I have only a quick update from back on October 14 - 

Happy Mitten Day!

Yep, I tried to celebrate by making a few pairs of mittens for a charitable group up in Maine, The Children's Comfort Tote Project.

From their Facebook page:

"We are trying to gather mittens for children (ages 3-12) transitioning from the local shelter in Augusta, Maine to new homes. The Comfort Totes will have a new pillow, PJ's, dental care items, a nightlight and other comforting items including mittens, hats and a blanket ( hoping some can be afghans..even donated squares 7 x 9 that we can assemble) Does anyone have time to make some squares or a few pairs of mittens or a hat?

For those wondering WHERE to send items please send
Nancy Bartlett
Children's Comfort Tote Project
65 Lincoln Street
Augusta, ME 04330

For those who are wondering WHEN as soon as possible,
our dream is to have the totes filled before 12/31/13."

Two sizes - one 12 yr. old and one two year old. The larger ones are the "No gauge, no swatch mittens" and the smaller are the "Maize" pattern from TinCanKnits.

I'm also making a pair of sock yarn mittens from "Mittens to Fit" using Serenity Sock Yarn. I'm still a little iffy on these ones. They seem a lot of work for, you know, mittens.

Unfortunately, what's holding me back from churning out mittens is a bad, bad cold.
In fact, late last week I remember groaning aloud and saying to my husband, "How could you bring this home to us?' He had it from work (a week of illness), then I got it (I'm finishing up the week) and now Middle Daughter who lives at home has it. Ugh.

I may have to disinfect the whole batch before I send them on . . .

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Tonyia said...

How did I NOT know it was Mitten Day? Aaargh. I've been so mitten obsessed lately, you'd think I'd have caught on.

Can't wait to see the Serenity mittens. (yeah, sock yarn, goes on and on forever...)