Thursday, October 23, 2014

The shortest distance between two points

The return of autumn always means more knitting for me. Knitting is much more bearable during cool weather and the temperature change always makes me start looking for my sweaters.

So, the yarn has been flowing, so to speak.

First, I knit up an early Christmas present (a Lady Londenberry shawlette) out of Cascade Yarns' Venezia Bulky.


another Mother Bear for the Mother Bear Project.

Then, a few bike rides later . . .

I finished up my EZ Saddle Shoulder Aran sweater.

Time to enjoy some of our beautiful Minnesota weather!

"Hello from the top of the Highland Park Water Tower!"

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Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember you wanting to do an Aran sweater some time ago, and now I see it's done. Yay! (And it looks good.)