Monday, April 17, 2017

Arms and dimples


Well, the Giant Sweater of Gloom has two attached sleeves and the start of a drastically reducing yoke. Elizabeth Zimmerman designed this Hurry Up Sweater to be finished in a month, even taking time out for holiday preparation, but I am woefully behind.


Part of its charm, however, is the sloping yoke, with decreases every round at the armpits of the Sweater. Six episodes of a Korean drama under your belt and you have a finished sweater!

Years ago, a blogger by the name of Mr. Wynne, was making a sweater on his knitting blog. He was looking for a name for his sweater and included some photos of his sleeves.

Gosh, he had the best decreases! They looked like evenly spaced dimples! I mentioned this and he ended up calling the sweater "Dimples!"

Well, this view of decreases is barely visible but I'm liking the pattern of divots.


Well, onward to glory. I don't often wish for cold weather in April but this sweater deserves it.

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