Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Determined New Year's Resolutions

After a very relaxed Christmas (no knitting books but everything else was lovely, thanks for asking!) and a great New Year's visit to St. Louis to visit family, it's back to the grindstone. At last, the blue sweater is progressing wonderfully. What a difference a pattern makes, eh? I'll post a picture of the progress.

I got a great holiday surprise from Puggy at Puggyknits - the chance to test one of her patterns for a bulky shrug. I bought some lovely chunky Misty Alpaca for a steal at my local yarn store and look forward to working the Puggyshruggy pattern.

Also, after my Oldest Daughter spent most of our holidays spinning industriously on her new hand spindle, I brought out my Lendrum spinning wheel again. It is very soothing to work through a bag of fiber on a snowy afternoon. I've been going over my Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook for dye ideas. Unfortunately, more spinning, less knitting.

My New Year's resolutions? Finish knitting what I've started or purchased for. I think that's probably on every good knitter's list but this year, darn it, I mean it.

Happy New Year!

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