Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's a knitter to do - except wash wool and then spin

Although my recent venture into the insanity of triathelete training (It's all okay - but how do they find the time?), I have still been knitting . . . and knitting . . . and knitting on the blue sweater. I contemplated taking a picture of it but it really looks just the same as before. Only longer. I think the body from the underarm down is about eight inches right now but I'm working on 22 inches. Maybe when I get halfway, I'll show the sweater.

In the meantime, during a major housecleaning last Saturday (not because I wanted a cleaner house but because some furniture from my late mother-in-law's estate arrived), I ran across a challenge package of wool that I bought at last year's Shepherds' Harvest. It was composed of about 12 ziplock bags of wool from different breeds of wool. The challenge is to clean, spin and make something from 8 of the bags of wool. I wish I had washed sooner as some of the fleeces could really had used some cleaning! Since my kitchen is still under construction, I am washing wool in old spackling buckets in my kitchen sink. Production line it's not! Take a gander!

I'm thinking of making a patchwork quilt kind of afghan in honor of my late mother-in-law because she really loved quilting. I've never made an afghan before but I'm investigating patterns now. I'd appreciate suggestions but that would imply people are reading this!

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puggyknits said...

Why not do a sampler afghan? Different "patches" of cables, unique stitches, etc. to show off your skill and honor your late mother-in-law in the process? Or have the patches actually create a larger design when admired from afar... like cables that become branches and end in leaves, etc...Whatever you choose to do, I'm sure it will be beautiful!