Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One down, two to go . . .

Okay, I'd pretend it was Saturday and time for the Seven but that would be too easy.

Holiday preparations are starting to cut into my free time - but with yesterday's Monday Book Club meeting, I have one holiday starting point out of the way. We had a great time - we read short plays at our holiday meeting - and now I've got Christmas cookies to bake . . . a college student to get home and another to visit the doctor.  I am so glad the snowing won't start until Christmas Eve!

I finished one of the Bella Marie Mittens and am working on the second. I think I'll try the "Two at a Time" technique the next time I make these mittens.

I also spent a little time spinning up the remaining green wool from this summer. Maybe a hat? Mittens? Hmm. Next up on the spinning wheel, the Anonymous Fleece from GFMelissa!

Saturday's Seven were a sweater, two tee shirts, a turtleneck, two pairs of shoes and a mattress pad. I don't know why I hung onto the shoes for so long - they just never fit - and the mattress pad fits a youth bed. Was I going to wait until we had grandchildren to use that one again? Off they go to the St. John the Evangelist Big Sale!

Time to finish up the Christmas cards and put the cookie dough in the fridge to chill. Then, a little recuperative knitting!

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