Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday, Saturday

Today was the day we planned on having the Christmas tree put up. It didn't quite work out as planned - we do have a nice clean spot for it in the living room, though!

I feel the same thing about my knitting! I have a have a plan for knitting but not actually much going on. Mostly, I've been checking out the other patterns in my "Two at a time" sock book. Is it wrong to want another pair when I've only worked about five inches so far? I'm stalking the Twilight sock pattern and it is calling, calling to me. Maybe I'll use this yarn?

Or the remains of this:

I have been working here and there on my Road Less Travelled scarf as well.

This must be the world's largest ball of yarn - I'm not expecting to finish up until sometime in the New Year!

Since Saturday is once again here - here's the Saturday Seven! I cleaned out the toy box and pulled out five stuffed animals and an Iron Man costume. The chair was the last folding chair of a table and chair set I got from my parents after graduation. They were used when my parents bought them so they had a long and full life - fly, little folding chair, fly! Actually, the whole load is going off to the St. John the Evangelist Sale.

I did have a photo of last week's Saturday Seven - but it was bad. Very Poor. Sucky. Icky. And it's all gone anyway. I dropped it off on Monday morning as part of the "Let's clean up after Thanksgiving" game plan.

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