Saturday, July 17, 2010

A great day out with the kids!

Not my kids, mind you, but the MiracleKids Triathlon at Lake Nokomis.

Bikes everywhere! 
This is a kids triathlon where kids raise money for families with children with cancer. 
It's sponsored by the Miracles of Mitch Foundation. 

"For his final wish, Mitch made his family promise they would keep helping cancer kids and he sealed it with a “pinky swear” made with his father.

The MOMF is the non-profit formed in 2003 to fulfill that pinky swear. Today it is one of the very few charities that provides direct support to families who are treating a child with cancer.

The MOMF has two major giving priorities:
To provide cost of living financial assistance to the families of children diagnosed with cancer, and
To facilitate an individually tailored quality of life initiative for that child and their family.

The MiracleKids Triathlon is by far the MOMF’s largest fundraiser of the entire year. If not for the hard work of each MiracleKid raising pledges and the generosity of each and every donor, the foundation would not have the funding needed to support cancer families across Minnesota."

There are two races - one at Lake Nokomis in July and one at Lake Ann in August.

Today I was lucky enough to be the USAT waiver volunteer at Lake Nokomis - I handed out waivers to parents who were registering their child atheletes - and then I got to cheer on all the swimmers as they exited the water and ran on to the bike transition area.

That was one long gangway from the lake to the parking lot but those kids were just flying! They were very excited and I saw that continue later at the run to the finish line! Smiles all around and lots of friends holding hands as they crossed the finish line. 

For some time there has been a "2010 Miracle Kids Triathlon" button that leads to Youngest Child's First Giving page. 
Yep, YC is racing at the Lake Ann race in August. We've been running together three times a week (for a mile at a time), biking and swimming together as well. He's progressed to Level Four in swimming lessons this summer and got his first bike with hand brakes. We've gone to the MoM swim training at the Foss Swim School and we are planning to go and bike the Lake Ann course in August.

According to YC - he's ready to rock! 

I know not everyone is able to give and that many people have already planned their giving but if you are able to make a pledge in any amount - this is an excellent cause. And if you are able to volunteer at the Lake Ann event, I'll see you there!

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