Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh, this is just getting better and better . . .

Or, what the difference an inch or two makes.

So, my gauge has been off about half a stitch and I'm making the medium size of my Mr. Greenjeans sweater.
 Sometimes that isn't really a problem - sometimes it is. And today it is. 
I think this may be a result of my sore hand (more about that later) but I'm not really sure. 

It could be the iffy nature of the "worsted weight" Briar Rose Abundance yarn. I am actually getting perfect gauge for the yarn - just not for the Greenjeans sweater. From the front and side - the gauge looks good. Nice, even. However, from the back - whew, look out! One big sweater coming by!

Yikes. So, later today, I'll be ripping this back. Back to casting on for the small size. I've never actually made a small sized sweater before! But I think that the change in gauge demands it. 

As for my sore hand - I'm going to see the hand doctor on Monday. It's been getting better but (small problem here) every time I swim or bike - it becomes very, very sore. As I'm supposed to be doing another big swim in August plus a triathlon, I'm gonna be needing that hand. Luckily, running - no problem. 
Youngest Boy and I have been running three times a week and I've been running my own distances on the other days. Let me tell you - you get much better tan lines swimming than running!
As for my Saturday Seven - 

One pair of pants, a grey teeshirt, a pair of soccer shoes & shin guards, one pair of soccer socks and a mini potholder loom.

And a copper compost pot. Try singing that to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas!"

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