Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just some boring old knitting . . .

I read a blog recently where the author said she regretted taking so much time off from her blog. I really don't regret anything but not knitting.

Life is just rolling along here and my Turn of The Glass cardigan is also inching along with me. It's a bit too large to carry everywhere and if I knit it at home in the evening, it is a given that I will have to rip something out.

So, just to recap:

Saturday Seven on 5/21/11:

Seven pairs of shorts and pants. Some mine and some are Middle Daughter's. They've already gone over to the neighborhood rummage sale.

Turn of the Glass Cardigan:

This photo shows the design increases and decreases. I'm just above the waistline here.

This photo is the right color - but you can see why I don't knit this at night!

Move along now - nothing to see here!

1 comment:

Guinifer said...

I am liking what I can see of that cardigan. The yarn is dark and stormy!