Sunday, May 01, 2011

We love the knitting goodies

Whether they are bright like these skeins from Little Gidding Farm Suri Alpacas

or muted like these skeins of Briar Rose Fibers.

Saturday's Minnesota Knitters' Guild's Yarnover was entirely satisfying. I got to help some teachers as a "Teacher Angel", learn how to make the better buttonhole and sew on zippers using a rug hook. I really spent the most amount of my time simply visiting, knitting and people watching. 

There was a little bit of purchasing as well. 

This pattern is also available from the Ewetopia Fiber Online Shop

I bought this lovely top down cardigan pattern and five skeins of naturally brown worsted weight from Ewetopia Fiber Shop.  This was a really nice vendor at Yarnover and I'm looking forward to seeing what they are bringing to Shepherd's Harvest.  I'm not taking any classes but I am working at the MKG Knitting Help table on Saturday morning.

I also bought these wonderful antique buttons for the sweater . . .

GFMelissa said that I was being surprisingly original because none of the buttons match each other. I was really just trying to not give myself a reason to jump into the project!

Looking ahead, next weekend is once again the perfect storm of Spring Formal/Friends School Plant Sale/Shepherd's Harvest . . . oh, what the heck. 

Be there or Be Square! 

This week's Saturday Seven was really more of a Sunday Seven. I was cleaning out the CD drawer - putting lost cds away in their cases and I managed to clean out seven less than favorite cds. Off to the rummage sale!


Guinifer said...

I wish I could get organized enough to get out to Yarnover. There was just too much this weekend! Maybe I can do Shepherd's Harvest next weekend...

Chrisknits said...

Where did you get the pattern? I can't find a link to it online. It looks neat, but I want to see it in a better view.
Love the yarn shots!!

Knittymama said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I skipped it this year, not enough cash and I'm saving it for Shepherd's Harvest next weekend. Maybe I'll see you there!