Thursday, June 09, 2011

Good to go

Somewhere between the 103 degrees F. Monday and the 63 degree F. Thursday was a perfect summer day. 

Sure, I walked for the St. Paul Pioneer Press Summer of Walking but then I grabbed GFMelissa and went swimming!
We drove out to Square Lake and while GFM sat on the shore and provided emergency backup (she's a former collegiate level swimmer and a lifeguard as well as an excellent Girl Scout!), I did a little warming up for the swimming season.

No cute swimsuits for me - just the plain old racer suit and a swim cap. 
Got to get those goggles on just right!

Working on a high elbow stroke! 

Now, because GFM wasn't actually in the water with me or accompanying me in an escort boat, I swam inside the ropes. I have swum around the lake before but Wednesday it was back and forth, back and forth. Not very exciting but oh, so nice. 

My dream house will be on a swimming lake someday. Boating? Bleh. Fishing? So-so. Swimming? Ah!

We're getting ready for a graduation around here with an upcoming Senior Dinner, ceremony and party so at home, I'm mostly weeding and sweeping up those @%^& helicopter leaves! Swimming was a nice break in the chores.


Guinifer said...

I have never heard of Square Lake. Where is it?

Natalie said...

What a great heat wave relief -- a lake swim. I just have no idea where Square Lake is located. And, wondering what your third daughter is doing next year. We have been suffering through the same heat wave which broke last night. Sweet relief for me and the garden. So good to hear about your life as always.

Shelly said...

Hey, will I see you at Lake Harriet on the 18th? I'm doing the 2-miler again. Didn't you do the one mile last year? - Shelly Kang in St. Louis Park

Ellen said...

1.) Square Lake is a Washington County park just north of Stillwater. A great beach for swimming, nice park for picnicking and a boat launch area. It's a spring fed lake (or so I've been told) and very clear.

2.) I'm not doing the Lake Harriet swim this year because of vacation travel. Maybe I can squeeze in some other swims!