Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Travel broadens the mind"

but perhaps, it makes it taller?" Heightens the mind? I'm not really sure what the exact phrase is!

But we definitely have moved into "more rarified circles?" I'm not sure if I can keep this punning up much longer . . . 

Obviously, we are traveling out west - Colorado to be exact. Everyone is having a good time (which is a miracle indeed), I am knitting in the car and all is right with the world

Here's the prairies for good measure - Nebraska!

A photo montage for your inspection:

Pike's Peak

My daughter's photo of the US Air Force Academy - she was aiming for the "Air Force guys!"

Garden of the Guys, er, Gods!


"I thought I saw a Black Widow Spider - Classic Peg!"

I preferred this kind of bug.

People watching in Boulder on a Saturday morning was amazing. And so was my trip to Gypsy Wools - just a little yarn for the road.

More to come - perhaps a finished object even?

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Guinifer said...

My husband and Puck are in Denver this weekend at Dick's Sports Fields participating in a DU Lacrosse Camp/Tournament. I believe it is quite warm there right now!