Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mid week clean-out!

Fern lace mohair shrug

My, oh, my!

I finished this beauty late on Tuesday - just in time to be a January entry into Knittymama's Monthly Apparel group. Yes, I know she is aiming at sewing an item a month but I had to wade through my craft room first to make that happen.

And I worked toward that goal today - by cleaning out my yarn closet. An airing of the stash, almost!

The files in the back remain from when my sewing/guest room was my husband's home office. Someday, he promises that he will remove them. The tubs, bags and rolls of batting are mine. This made it all look much more reasonable!

Until you look more closely and see that I have anywhere from 3 - 12 skeins of any yarn. Sigh. Time to power through all this stash. I did weed out some yarn to take to the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's Great Guild Getaway in March.  There has been a very fun auction/yarn exchange the past few years at this retreat and I'm sure my extra yarn could brighten up someone else's day.

Now, on to finishing up that Turn of the Glass!


Guinifer said...

Ooo, would you like to take some of mine? My SIL took a great gob of my destash pile at Christmas, but I still have a (lined) garbage bin filled with stuff I am looking to sell/donate/give away!

Chrisknits said...

It looks so warm and cozy!