Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello stranger!

Sorry to drop out for so long - there's been plenty of knitting but nothing very spectacular going on. But you're just in time to see the results of a beating . . .

Remember this vest? 
My Abrazo vest, my Vestuary entry from 2009? Well, we did a little program all about blocking at the April Minnesota Knitters' Guild. My part was to demonstrate the use of a "whapper" - an extra strong and wide yard stick. This involves hitting the wet garment to increase the size somewhat - forcing a larger gauge, perhaps - as part of the blocking.
Since my vest was the only item I had that needed increasing, members visiting my station got to try out the whapper on the vest as well as a few swatches. As a result, the vest lengthened about two inches and widened about an inch and a half. That's all it really needed so I am satisfied. It also seemed to line the stitches up more evenly. And we all got a workout!
Even farther in the past - possibly even pre-blogging - is this felted bag.

It's a Lucy bag from Two Old Bags Knitting. I made this years ago (2006 perhaps?) as prep work for a class on needle felting with Bev Galeskas at Stitches Midwest. 
Recently, I got a request for a donation for a charitable silent auction and I pulled this out my UFO box, perfected the needle felting decorations and then, ta da, it was finally finished!

My real knitting project over the last month has been a new blue sweater for Oldest Daughter. Years ago, I knit her a blue pullover sweater. When I found her sleeping in it (it was a pretty comfy sweater) I retrieved it, unwound it and promised her another one. Now that she WILL BE AN LEGALLY EMPLOYED WOMAN AFTER GRADUATION, she'll need a slightly fancier cardigan. So, I'm planning on using the original sweater's Gale Woods Farm yarn for some warmer projects and using Berroco Vintage for a Top Down Shawl Collar Cardigan

Bodywork, ready to go!

I've worked my way through all the waist shapings:

I love the increases!
and now, I'm just waiting for Miss O. Daughter to try it on. Then, there will be sleeves and the collar and off she goes to work!

Whew! Now I just need to get back to another new projects - a pair of Emily's Socks from 2-at-a-Time Socks for Youngest Child. He actually asked for purple socks and so he's getting a pair!

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Knittymama said...

Very pretty! The whapper sounds cool...