Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Barely knitting or . . . knitting bearly?

Things are moving pretty slowly on the knitting front at Chez Daisy. I did complete one more Mother Bear project.

Meet Petal!

My suggestion? Don't decide to put on a neck bow after you sew on the face. Her's keeps popping up and covering up her face. 

I also finally finished my Botany Shawl. I just wasn't feeling the love for this shawl for a long time.

A bit washed out - really more of a bottle green.
I found it hard to see the pattern appearing so I really just had to take it on faith that I wasn't messing up.

It is so soft - I can't wait for cool weather to wear it about town. I did knit the smaller size and it used up one skein of yarn almost exactly.

I also found out that I was a winner on the 2 Knit Lit Chicks' Mother Bear KAL/CAL. I won this cute little project bag which winged all the way from Frenny in England and her "It's Sew in the Bag" Etsy shop.

That's me - Sassy and Classic!

It's called the Sassy Classic and it has a cute little tab to help keep it organized in my larger knitting bag. Perfect for mittens or socks! I recommend that you check her shop out!

My next step is to jump back into knitting my "first" sweater for 2013 - only it looks like it will be my only sweater. Time to buckle down, ladies, and get something done.


Andi G said...

Your Botany Shawl is gorgeous! With lace it always seems like you have to trust that it will be glorious, and it usually is.

Cat F said...

I'm sorry I haven't read your blog in a while because I've been missing out! Such lovely work you do!