Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Bears have Arrived!

My first three Mother Bear Project bears. 

"The Mother Bear Project provides comfort and hope to children affected by HIV/AIDS in emerging nations, by giving them a gift of love in the form of a hand-knit or crocheted bear." 

That's how their website describes these lovely comforting little bears. I've made three in the last couple of weeks because they are entirely addicting. My copy of the Mother Bear pattern came from my copy of "Knitting for Peace" but you can also get the pattern here. I can't wait to drop them off!  

The most recent bear is named Paul. 

I forgot to mention two great fiber gifts I picked up on vacation this summer.

Harmony, PA, is a tiny little village built by the Harmony Society in 1804. It's in western Pennsylvania near where my family lives. The Harmonists were a millennial pietist group that lasted in Pennyslvania for about ten years before they moved elsewhere. As a result, there are lots of beautiful German style stone buildings in Harmony. In recent years, this has become a bit of a hippie hangout - a little like Yellow Springs, Ohio, in fact - and one great store there is Darn Yarn Needles & Thread.

The perfect name - Pumpkin!

I've had some Unplanned Peacock Studio yarn before and I was so please to find this lovely autumnal skein.

Since spinning is like enjoying your yarn twice, I also picked up some fiber.

The "Woodland" colorway

This is the softest Bluefaced Leicester top from Wild Hare Fiber Studio. The green/gray color reminded me of the deep shadows of late summer.

I'd love to get back to Harmony this fall. And it looks like they have a Christmas Market as well - hmm.  Sounds like a flying family visit this winter!

I am also thinking ahead to winter and making some skirts. This collection of scraps is the same pattern as my Little Bits quilt but once it's all sewn together, I am going to use it in a skirt. 

Mmm, autumn!

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Tonyia said...

I love all the quilting you've been doing. It's gorgeous, just gorgeous. Sigh...

Meant to comment awhile ago, but things go by so fast in the summer.

These bears are adorable! (I'm partial to Paul)

Looking forward to seeing the skirt and the future fibery projects! It's getting cooler, I'm starting to think about sitting and spinning!