Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Word for the day? Short.

Count 'em - only six hexipuffs this week. 

That's because I've started two new projects - both cowls - in order to satisfy my lust for Korean hand knits. 
So, everyone's out of town and you are finally in control of the remote? Try some of the Korean films and television shows available on Netflix. I think I could start a knitting themed drinking game by just checking off the lovely hand knits. Mittens? Check. Hats with pom poms? Check. How about some luscious man cowls? Absolutely check!!

So, I was inspired to start a Cupido Cowl out of some absolutely-the-softest Enchanted Meadows Alpaca but with so many stitches, it's just creeping along. And shedding on my pants .  . . 

It really glows like this!

My friend's Annabella's Cowl is also creeping along as my only available size 8 knitting needle has developed a crack and it keeps catching on the silk yarn. Time to do a little shopping . . .

All in all, a Short Week for knitting.

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