Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cabling come hell or high water

Well, the water is here already! In honor of the massive amounts of rain in Minnesota, I've been knitting on just one project - my EZ saddle shouldered aran - and it's coming along quite nicely for a project that I started in January!

The knitting group that I started this with has almost all finished their sweaters (a motivating factor!) and I'm working on the saddle shoulder portion.

(Yes, yes, the worst photo in the world! As soon as I get the shoulders finished I'll put it the dummy for a proper fit!)

I have tried it on and the fit seems to be a go for now. Fitting always gives me the final frisson of danger - will it end up being my sweater or should I give it away?

Of course, since May, I've also finished my two cowls. The first one, the pink Annabella's Cowl, was finished some time ago but not in time to go to France with it's owner.

My second cowl, the Sunbae Cowl,  a Cupido Cowl pattern by Hiroko Fukatsu, was finished just in time for some of the rainiest and hottest days of the year so far.

It's a huge, soft circular scarf and I can't wait for the fall to wear it! I had a hard time finding a model who could bear to wear it right now, though.      

Outside of all the knitting and the rain, our family/business team Achieve More ran together in the GAI Lederhosenlauf 5 k at the Germanic-American Institute. 
A post race brat and beer is great motivation!

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