Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Snow days and work days

Unfortunately, as a mom, snow days are work days! 

When the weather looks like this . . . 

. . . a knitter's mind is drawn to socks. 

This particular pair is for Youngest Child - but his feet are growing so fast, that I think I'm doomed to keep knitting and knitting and knitting. Actually, this has been my carry along project for months and I'm just picking it up here and there when I need something mindless to knit. It's my long tern library go-to pattern for socks - Wise Hilda's Basic Ribbed Socks - and it's a dandy pattern. I think I'll be finishing up this week.

Now, if only my model would hold still and use his courtesy feet!*

Feet are bursting out all over here!

On my own personal knitting front, I'm almost done with my Rolie Polie Cowl.

It's going to be huge - but perfect for cold spring days. I think it is a bit sheddy right now for wearing over knit turtlenecks but it will be great for wearing over long sleeve tee shirts this slightly-less-cold spring.

Outside of knitting, I've been starting up my running again in order to get ready for some spring races. I like running because (like swimming) it's a very introspective sport. Lots of time to think things over by yourself!

A little treat for you here - a video made by a local photographer featuring running in Saint Paul as well as music from one of my favorite bands, Cloud Cult.

*In Korean pop culture, courtesy legs are when a much taller celebrity widens their stance so that the shorter celebrity standing next to them can be photographed better. 

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