Monday, February 23, 2015

The pleasant land of counter pane

A favorite book of my childhood (and my own children's, I hope) sprang  to mind today - A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. 

As I was knitting along on my Color Affection Shawl, I had a chance to look at it in extreme close up and I realized that it looked just like the hills and valleys of Stevenson's little world. A knitted one, to be sure, but it was easy enough to imagine little roads and rails running along its ridges.

A Color Affection shawl in progress

A world in miniature - hills and vales

Perhaps it's time to look at things from another perspective again . . . .

I gave this a try after coming home late last night from a dinner out with the ladies. All I could see in my dingy winter alleyway was the fabulous moon. Alas, all the camera could see was the street light down the block.

On another note, the Rolie Polie Cowl was released into the wild. I wore it to all my hockey games this weekend - very cosy and warm! Exactly what I was wanting.

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