Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Big to small

Sometimes a project gets so large that it works against itself. Oldest Daughter's blue sweater is now complete except for one sleeve and that makes it just too large to carry around. Perfect for lounge knitting on the couch, watching "MI5: Spooks" from the BBC. Hmm, that Tom Quinn looks so earnest. Too bad he's a SPY! But the blue sweater is not able to come in the car (gets in the coffee), be knitted at the piano lesson (his pugs try to sleep on it), go to track meets (grass stains) - not even to church. Yes, I'm a church knitter. Too Big!

So, I've picked up a couple of other space filling patterns so I have something to carry around. I actually have three knitting bags. The blue sweater overflows from one very large bag. My blue felted bag has a lovely scarf pattern called "Dainty Bess" from Kristmen's Design Studio and cream colored yarn from Blackwater Abbey Yarns. I like that pattern a lot but I'm not crazy about the stiffness of the yarn. I bought the pattern last summer at the Blackwater Abbey Yarn booth at Stitches Midwest and then returned and bought the yarn after, joy of joys, I won a gift certificate as a door prize. Unfortunately, I had just bought $100 worth of yarn and Beth Brown Reisel patterns but the $20 was a good thing too!

In the mesh bag, I've started a pair of Cable Rib Socks from Interweave Knits magazine, spring 2005. I've never knit socks on size 1 and 0 needles before so it's slow going but - fun.

On the outside world, it's lovely and springy here in Minnesota. I'm still running, swimming and (slowly) mastering biking. In fact, I've bought a new road bike. A Jamis Satellite. A great value for the money and a good introduction to road biking. So far, that's all I'm looking for. Aside from falling off my bike today - IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE, GETTING ON! - I've been enjoying riding the bike. Mostly because I don't think anyone saw me fall off. At least knitting isn't a spectator sport.

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