Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Endings . . . and beginnings!

Last night I finally bound off on the last baby sweater I was working on (Cottage Creations' Babies and Bears Sweater)
and I realized that, after I sew the buttons on, it will be done. And I am down to the edging on my green shawl. And I am finishing the arms on Oldest Daughter's sweater.

I may actually be done with all my current knitting projects this week. I have a heady sense of approaching freedom! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I have a serious case of spring fever - knitting fever! What will I do next? How about socks? (I already have yarn for a dark pair for my husband.) A sweater? (Middle daughter picked out a pattern and yarn back in November.) Slippers? The Puggy Shruggy? Already have the yarn. Should I actually finish the aran sweater I started last fall for my husband? How about the cardigan kit I got last summer at Stitches Midwest? And what about my friend Melissa's new baby? He is seriously under-knitted for!

Ah, the deliciously heady feeling of starting anew!

I realized that I haven't posted a picture of the two most recent baby sweaters I've completed. The red one is for my own son and the pink Cashsoft DK is for a friend's baby girl. Both are Cottage Creation sweaters. I probably would do the hoody one all in stockinette stitch next time. The hood is in garter stitch and it's just too floppy.

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