Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Disaster averted! Woman swoons and carpets are sent to the cleaners!

I don't have my camera handy which doesn't really matter because there isn't much to see right now. Big sigh of relief. My life must be really boring because this has been affecting my whole day.

This morning while I was "incommunicado" (as we say in my house) - otherwise known as "in the bathroom" - my three-year old son opened the gate to the front stairs, walked all the way upstairs, down the hall and down the back stairs into the kitchen. At this point, he opened the refrigerator, pulled out a full bottle of maple syrup, and reversing his steps, walked all the way back to the living room.

Now, the good stuff happens. He opens the bottle, sprinkles syrup on the furniture, the sofa and the rug. Lots on the rug. Lots and lots on the area rug - the most expensive thing/piece of furniture we've ever bought.

What really gave me a start (besides the fact that he opened and closed the supposedly-child proof gates) was that this all happened next to my knitting bag! With Oldest Daughter's almost finished blue sweater in it! I've been putting off finishing this sweater because it got a little boring but this would have been awful - what do you do to get maple syrup out of wool?!

After rushing the bag out of the room, settling Boy down for a time out on the bottom stair and getting out the bucket and cloths - I had plenty of time to think over the "ick" factor while cleaning up. Plenty of time because I get stepping in sticky patches and tracking the stuff around. Now, the rug guys came to pick up the area rug for cleaning (expensive cleaning) and I'm off to run at the gym. Working off the stress, I guess.

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