Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Bode Miller of knitting?

Actually, that would assume that I had high expectations of finishing early or even on time in the Knitting Olympics. Obviously, I didn't finish and I really didn't have that high of expectations. Perhaps I should have used the US Women's Curling Team as my post title. They were cute and at least on the Olympic level but not really expected to accomplish much.

The only thing getting on my nerves is that I was ahead of the program! I figured out how much I would need to knit and I was running ahead from the start of the Olympics until we got to London. All that sightseeing and walking was wonderful but I was exhausted. Knitting speed went from several inches per day to about four lines on the pattern. Add to this the fact that my husband asked at the check-in counter and was told I needed to check my knitting. About 500 yards away, on the other side of baggage security, while waiting for my flight - what did I see but four women knitting?

There is proof that I was working hard on the shawl, however. Not very attractive but I was concentrating!

I did had a fabulous time at the Victoria and Albert Museum - they have a great textile collection and I saw some inspiring fashions. The Rowan sale at Liberty of London was over but I bought a pattern book just to remember the lovely store.

So, after the trip was over, all we had were memories - and germs. For the past week and a half, we have all suffered some nasty hoopagoop that made jet lag seem preferable. So, no gold, only a cold. But I really think the Toronto Olympics will be my year, anyway.

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