Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow Day! Ban the Car!

I've been at a knitting and exercising impasse lately because of the HORRIBLE DRIVING that has taken over my life. Like many other parents, I drive in a car pool for my older children's school. Oldest Child is working on her driver's license but I just feel that safety is more important. So two mornings and three-four afternoons a week, I drive.

I have no problem with this schedule. Usually. However, one carpool driver had a baby and the other driver had a car accident (no one hurt) so her car is out of commission. Now, I really don't want to complain about this situation - life happens - but I feel like I'm spending hours (2-3 daily) in the car. I bring my knitting for odd waiting moments but I am really driving so that makes knitting a not so safe option.

I've always had a small problem with my hip flexor muscles and I always spend extra time stretching and working on flexibility. All the sitting, however, is killing my hips. Running has become very painful, cycling impossible and the only thing that feels good is swimming. I've just completed a triathalon training program and now I am blowing all my muscle gains because it is so painful.

Late last night, a winter storm blew into town and today, at 6:45 a.m. - the news said "Snow Day!" Everyone was up anyway but I made a vow, "No driving today!" I've knit, baked, made soup, and read and later on, will walk to my YWCA to swim and lift weights. Yeah - this is just what I needed. I may even break out my skis. On days like this, I can ski out my front door and down to the Cathedral of Saint Paul down Summit Avenue. A Minnesota Moment right up there with cross country skiing on a frozen lake.

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