Monday, March 20, 2006

Another day, another week

Well, I still have poptarts on hand as well as my absolutely favorite candy - orange slices - but I think I am over my snacking obsession. It turns out that it was that time of the month. Yep. Time to rant and rage at my family and then stay up too late watching movies.

I did work out several times to try and work out the nagging pain I developed in my hip (Dare I call it "Driving Ass?") - so I don't feel too bad overall. Swimming, cross country skiing, indoor biking and weightlifting - all feel just fine. Running - kills me.

On the Yarn Front, I've left knitting and moved into frantic wool combing and spinning mode. I've been planning an afghan using different kinds of wool that I got at Shepherd's Harvest, a great wool and yarn festival in Minnesota every May. This would be brought back for a competition at this year's festival. Suddenly, I remembered - I had to spin all that wool. NOW! This is something that is usually quite soothing but having combed so much wool that I have fuzzy bits in my eyes and nose - I am not soothed. I am: itchy, tired, alone (DH is traveling) and sore. Hmm, where are those poptarts?

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